The weather is geting very cold outside!

Did you ever wonder when is it too cold to take my dog for a walk?

If so check out this link:

Here are some other tips for keeping your pets in good health when the weather is bitterly cold.

Wipe your dog's paws off after a walk. Get the salt and frozen snow out from between their pads and toes. Washing them off when the salt is heavy can minimize irritation.

Put a sweater or coat on small dogs or those with short coats. They need help staying warm.

Keep the dog away when you're shoveling snow. Some can't resist jumping toward the flying flakes. A dog is no match for a shovel blade.

If you live in a neighborhood where the cars and many of the cats are kept outdoors, knock on the hood of your car before you start it. Cold cats like to huddle next to warm engines. Better you should wake one up than the fan belt.

These tips came from the radio show Here & Now.  To see these tips and more go to:


The Acme Community Cash Back

program for 2017 ended December 30! 
Please get your Acme receipts from August 10 - December 30

to AlterPet.   AlterPet gets a percentage of the

Community Cash Back amount printed at the bottom of the receipt.

Acme Receipts raised over $340 last year for AlterPet.

We need to receive them by January 20, 2018,

so we can total them and turn in the results.


Thank you to all who made

AlterPet's Tree of Life this year a success!

Thanks to Petitti's Greenhouse in Brunswick for hosting us.

Thanks to all who braved the rain  to participate.

Thanks to all who bought ribbons.


AlterPet's 2017 Newsletter is here!

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Local Events for the Animal Lover:

1) Saturday, January 13
K-9 Kapers provides dog owners with an opportunity to socialize their pets with other dogs.

These alternative hikes will interest both the dog and its owner while offering exercise and fun.

At Carolyn Ludwig Mugrage Park, 1473 Parschen Blvd., Medina. 10 am. Sponsored by the Medina County Park District.

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Show Your Commitment to Care

Buckeye pets count on Ohio State Veterinary Center's commitment to care

and right now they're counting on you too!

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Please continue to Save Our Family Product UPC's 

Clip bar codes from any Our Family Product. Send those collected UPC's to AlterPet.

Many thanks for your continued help and support.

AlterPet recently received a check for over $500 from the Our Family Program.



A TREMENDOUS thanks to everyone who sends UPC bar codes and Acme receipts.

All of these really add up to provide MORE spays and neuters, to help more dogs and cats.

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!!!

Thanks Again!


PETSMART Charities has furnished a widget to find low cost spay/neuter assistance and services anywhere  in the country.  To access this widget click here.


Neuter Scooter comes to our area!

For scheduling and info go to or


for registration information .



For those in Miami Valley community (Southwestern OH):

Pets In Stitches, a stationary spay and neuter clinic focused on providing affordable spay and neuter services for the Miami Valley community. Pets In Stitches may be able to work with you, your shelter or rescue program to meet our common goals of improving animal welfare. You may peruse Pets In Stitches website at for more information.



Our Thanks to

Remington Products 

of Wadsworth Ohio for their Generous support!



Thanks to Honeywell Hometown Solutions for their $500 Dollars for Doers grant, earned by AlterPet volunteer/web designer, Michele Berlot.


Make sure your dog gets licensed! It's not only State law, but it's your pet's ticket home if they get lost!





You can support the Spaying/Neutering of Dogs and Cats by getting an


AlterPet received another $2000 grant from this program for 2016!

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We are now collecting all brands of original printer cartridges and cell phones.


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AlterPet's low-cost spay/neuter program is for low income owners (less than $30,000/year per household) who take in a stray, abandoned or discarded animal. The program is also available for barn, stray and feral cats (owner/caregiver must be a farmer or low-income) . Pets from breeders or pet stores are not eligible.

 For other options of low cost spay/neuter,  please contact SPAY USA 1-800-248-SPAY or Friends of Animals 1-800-321-PETS


Trying to find a humane solution to the problem of pet overpopulation in Medina County

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Low-cost spay/neuter coupons are primarily intended for owners who - for whatever reason - would not be able to afford to spay/neuter their pets. The coupons are NOT intended for breeders, retired show animals, owners who can afford routine care, etc. If you ARE able to provide routine care for your pet with your regular vet, please consider sponsoring a spay/neuter for some less fortunate animal.


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